Mission and Vision Statements:

Mission Statement: To foster a cohesive, collaborative group through continuing education, a high standard of conduct, and professionalism.

Vision Statement: WSACA is an organization of recognized experts and trusted professionals in the areas of elections, licensing, recording and finance.

Core Principles


  • Proposed legislation maintains or improves citizens’ confidence in services we provide.

Rationality in Fees:

  • Fees should relate to the services provided.
  • Increases in fees should relate to the costs of providing the services.
  • Additional services should be accompanied by additional compensation.


  • Proposed legislation maintains or improves access to the services and information we provide according to statutory requirements.

Customer Service:

  • Proposed legislation maintains or improves our level of customer service.
  • If any additional costs are incurred as a result of proposed legislation, funding for those costs is provided for.


  • Legislation is developed by including all members of WSACA.


  • The intents of the bill, both stated and unstated, are identifiable.
  • Those intents are achievable within available resources and timeframes.
  • The implications for implementation are identifiable.
  • Possible unintended consequences of the bill do not violate other core principles.