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VoteWA Advisory Board

The VoteWA Advisory Board (the Board) would replace all existing VoteWA committees (Super Users, Data Governance, etc.). The board will serve as a liaison between the County Auditors and the Office of the Secretary of State on the functionality and usability of VoteWA. They will guide the technical evolution of VoteWA, generating recommendations and roadmaps.


The Board (15 total members) will consist of representatives from County Election Offices and the Secretary of State’s Office. Counties will appoint 13 representatives and the Secretary of State’s Office will appoint two representatives to the Board that will serve a two-year term, with appointments being made in December. The terms shall be staggered and there are no term limits. The Board is led by two co-chairs; one chair is a representative from the Secretary of State’s Office and one chair is a representative from a county.

Advisory Board members will receive hours towards their Election Certification for meetings attended and travel cost reimbursements from the Secretary of State’s Office for in-person meetings. Election Administration can vary greatly depending on the number of registered voters, number of election administrators, etc. in a county. Members will be elected from these established groups:

Nominations and Elections for County Representatives

Each county group noted in the above chart will elect a representative to serve on the Board. Each county will have one vote for each position in their region and one vote for each of the at-large positions. For example, Yakima County would be able to vote for a total of 6 candidates, 2 for the Central region members and 4 for the at-large members. WSACA will conduct the election. 

  1. Elections will be held on the second Tuesday in December. The nomination for representatives will be held during the month of November and shall be closed at 5 p.m. on November 30.
  2. On Dec 1, the WSACA Nominating Committee will share the “voter pamphlet” as a single PDF and post it on the WSACA website.

  3. On December 1, the WSACA Nominating Committee will send one of four survey monkey tools to each county auditor (each of the four WSACA districts will have a survey unique to their district). The survey monkey tool will serve as a ballot. The survey monkey will remain active until December 8 at 4:00 pm. The WSACA Nominating Committee will review survey results and determine the outcome of the election for the four at-large positions and the nine District positions.